Win the World.


The business of Basil Holding Co. now encompasses multiple Companies and Divisions in Commercial, Industrial ,Petroleum, Chemical Real Estate, Information Technology, Industrial Security and Safety , Commercial, Amusements, Residential Facilities, Petroleum Technology, Exploration, Medical, Rubber Technology and manufacturing, Construction and Services sectors, along with affiliations to the leading specialist in many important field as listed above.

Basil Holding IT develops strategic alliances with companies that share its vision in providing end-to-end eBusiness solutions to the market and enable users to successfully gain and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We have a long history of innovation in software application development. Epicor’s strategic relationships with a select number of industry leading companies that offer platform and hardware technology solutions have contributed to this accomplishment. Through these industry alliances, Basil Holding continues to offer customers innovative technology that increases customer productivity, and accelerate ROI, while effectively managing the overall cost of ownership of IT assets.

The owners, management and employees will use all their efforts to create an organization where:

  • All employees are highly motivated and skilled, with a clear sense of direction.
  • The technology infrastructure makes us more effective and efficient than our competition.
  • Our buildings and facilities offer both staff and customers an attractive environment in which to do business.
  • Our customers and partners are pleased with our professional service and want more of what we provide.
  • New business opportunities are constantly explored and attractive ventures strongly pursued.
  • Investment
We are a recognized leader in our community in all that we do.